Incodema3D Expands Under START-UP NY in Partnership with Cornell

ITHACA, N.Y. - INCODEMA3D, LLC is pleased to announce being the first company accepted into StartUp NY under the charter of Cornell University. As part of the StartUp NY program, INCODEMA3D will partner with Cornell University to leverage technology developed at Cornell in the fields of industrial 3D printing and material development for 3D printing. INCODEMA3D is positioned to meet the demands of 3D printing of system-level components for aerospace, medical, automotive, and energy applications.

“Our acceptance into StartUp NY allows INCODEMA3D and New York State a level playing field against non-tax states such as Texas and Florida. More significantly, it partners us with Cornell University, one of the most prestigious research institutions in the country.

I truly feel this program will allow us to create synergy between industry and education, to share experience and industrial resources with cutting-edge research, and to foster greater economic success for everyone involved.”


– Sean Whittaker, President & CEO, INCODEMA3D

“It’s exciting to see high-tech manufacturing making its way back to Upstate NY. We’re particularly happy to see local manufacturers leveraging 3D printing technologies that Cornell has been pioneering for a long time. It’s the ultimate sign of a rising tide.”

- Hod Lipson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Computing Science, Cornell University

“The world of additive manufacturing is undergoing a very exciting transition from being primarily a rapid prototyping technology into a true volume manufacturing for a number of industries.

Much of this evolution has been made possible by advances in the materials available for additive manufacturing. We look forward to furthering those advances in collaboration with Cornell’s highly ranked Department of Materials Science & Engineering.”

- Greg Galvin, Chief Technology Officer, INCODEMA3D


INCODEMA3D joins the INCODEMA Group family of companies;  specializing in Industrial 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing. The vision of INCODEMA3D is to create a production 3D Printing operation leveraging our proven knowledge and skills developed over decades in the advanced manufacturing industry. INCODEMA3D offers a range of production machines from multiple vendors and offers a breadth of materials to accommodate demands from a variety of key markets.

INCODEMA’s ITAR facilities and proven track record for producing high degree of difficulty components for Superconducting Particle Accelerator systems and Rocket Launch applications along with the advancement’s in 3D Printing technologies bring together new opportunity’s in advanced manufacturing.

Additional INCODEMA Group companies: INCODEMA Inc. (Ithaca NY) NEWCUT Inc. (Newark NY) Engineering Manufacturing Technologies LLC (Endicott NY).

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